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1999 Volkswagen Passat GLX

Sold: Aug 2003, 85303 km
1572 happy days of ownership!

Build Date: 03/99
Delivery: 30 Apr 99



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August 2003
  • Dixie is gone. I sold her to a fellow VW enthusiast
  • Note: If you can't find the information you want here, you may want to do a search over at ClubB5.
Image051.jpg (111991 bytes) Sunday 15 June 2003
kamei1a.jpg (89578 bytes) Saturday 14 June 2003
Friday 13 June 2003
  • Late night Krispy Kreme run. Mmm.... doughnuts.... Anyway, I put my car on the scale on the way back and it read 1660 kg with 5/8 of a tank of gas, 1 driver, 3 empty child seats, and a dozen glazed doughnuts (half of them in the driver).
Saturday 17 May 2003
  • Took measurements again of the sport suspension and after almost a month and a half, there is no settling. The drop is still 1.5"
tirecompare.JPG (61304 bytes) Sunday 20 April 2003 - 82420 km 
  • Rotated tires. I took the opportunity to compare the stock wheel/tire combo with the aftermarket ones I bought. I know, I know...only after 3 years of ownership! I'd like to get some new 17" wheels and I definitely want to choose something that will be lighter than what I have now.
Stock 15" ET45 Aftermarket 16" ET35
37 lbs  45 lbs
Wednesday 26 March 2003 - 82000 km
Thursday 20 March 2003
Thursday 13 March 2003
Tuesday 11 March 2003 - 81128 km
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